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Hi! My name is Amber, but I go by many nicknames. Chibi, Kako, Kohaku, Luna, Lulu, Noelle, or Ambie. I'll even go by whatever I deem is cute by you! I am an Aquarius. I listen to all kinds of music. I've been an anime fanatic since 1995. I love just about any anime I watch and mostly play games that are anime-related or similar to it. I do like other things, but anime is my main thing. That's my conversation started. :3 I am 22 years of age and a pretty friendly person once you get to know me. Hopefully we can all be friends <3 I look forward to Deviantart and meeting tons of great artists here. Hopefully I'm able to find some who wanna draw my DBZ OC. <3 That'll be awesome! I suck at drawing, but I have tons of ideas and characters in my head. If only the world was able to seem em. Oh well...a girl can dream.

The pictures for my Avatar and profile ID are my Dragonball Z Saiyaness: Satsuma, better known as Sakura. Although the one for my profile ID is of my saiyaness and my Kako Persona done by my best friend. The avatar is Satsuma (Sakura) as a teenager and the profile is Kako holding a chibi Satsuma (Sakura). The wonderful artist who drew the avatar would be the wonderful :iconclumsytea:! The profile was done by none other, :iconnikzson:! Thank you both! And thanks to everyone else who drew either my darling Saiyaness or me as a chibi fox. You all are awesome! > w<

Would you be so kind as to draw my original character I created for the anime series Naruto? It can be done by whatever style suits you. I finally was able to word it and it would be so nice as to see what she would look like on paper. I know how she looks in my mind but, I wanna see how you all picture her after reading her description. You can ask me questions through the comments and/or messages. You may post art by the same methods as well.

❥Name ⇢ Kako [Kay-koh]

❥Gender ⇢ Female

❥Age ⇢ 21 - 22 [Part 1] / 24 - 26 [Part 2]

❥Species ⇢ Human

❥Eyes ⇢ Black

❥Skin and Body Type ⇢ Light-skinned complexion with this figure; bust size, curves and all ---> Tsunade by kraddy07. She favors Kakashi in the face, just a lot more feminine.

❥Hair ⇢  Spiky silver hair that comes down below her waist. She has cleavage-length bangs framing both sides of her face. She usually wears it in a high ponytail. This is exactly how her hair looks ---> Kako Hatake by KohakuHime1992 This is how it looks from the side ---->…

❥Clothing ⇢  Coming Soon.

❥Bio / Personality ⇢ Kako Hatake is the secondborn and only daughter of Sakumo Hatake as well as the younger sister to Kakashi Hatake. Like her brother, Kako hails from Konohagakure as well as hold the rank of jōnin; only being an anbu for a short time. Although there is a five year difference between the two, many sometimes believe Kako to be the oldest sibling due to her mature and motherly persona. Kako is always looking after Kakashi much like a mother/wife, and even scolds him whenever he does something wrong; sometimes going as far as to hide his Icha Icha collection as punishment due to his obsession with the series.

However, Kako has great respect and admiration for her big brother, even wearing a face mask to conceal the lower half of her face and alternates between a simple band or her ninja headband to conceal her left eye (which there is nothing wrong with) in honor of him. Kako loves to cook and whenever she's not on missions, she spends majority of her time in the kitchen. It's a running gag when Kako has to bring Kakashi his meals whenever he forgets them at home; usually having to wait until he shows up at his meeting place and scolding him for keeping her and the people he was meeting up with waiting. She also idolizes Tsunade Senju the Fifth Hokage of Konohagakure and Mei Terumī the Fifth Mizukage of Kirigakure. These two (aside from Kakashi) are her main inspirations for wanting to become a great kunoichi. Kako excels in taijutsu and medical-ninjutsu; being one of Tsunade's prodigies. She is also a quick learner with photographic memory, and while she doesn't have the sharigan, it usually only takes one look for her to get the basics down. 

She sometimes helps Kakashi train, often having a hand with Team 7's training (before Sasuke's departure) and even fixing lunches for them, mostly Naruto since she seen how he lives. Even though she knew about the nine-tailed fox sealed within Naruto, she didn't see him as a monster. However, she never could approach him due to her rigorous training and anbu missions when he was much younger. She makes up for the time lost by fixing his meals, even going to his apartment to clean up whenever he's home of course. When she's not running errands, doing missions or training, Kako can be seen hanging around Ino or Sakura, treating these two along with Hinata and a few others like her younger sisters. Sometimes she and Sakura spar often, testing to see which is this day, Sakura still hasn't beaten Kako yet.

❥References ⇢… ---…

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